Meet Our Wines 2012


    Begun as an organic orchard and dairy farm in 2006, we started experimenting with wines in 2008, and have perfected our first vintages to bring to the market for 2012.  We currently have 8 superb offerings that will please any palate:

  1. Chardonnay – Our Chardonnay is mellow and buttery with a hint of pineapple.
  2. Honey Mead – From our own bee hives, we offer this traditional sweet wine.  Best served mulled.
  3. Dandelion – Excellent paired with a baked fish or lighter fare, our dandelion wine is aged a minimum of one year so that it is never bitter.
  4. Apple Ice – A delectable sweet ice wine made from cider pressed at our own orchard.
  5. Raspberry – Don’t let the main ingredient fool you, our raspberry wine is delightfully dry with wonderful fruity tones.
  6. Seyval Blanc – A Crisp dry white wine, Seyval Blanc grapes have long been grown extensively in the Finger Lakes region due to their cold hardiness.
  7. Cabernet – Our Cabernet vines have only just reached maturation, allowing us to produce this full bodied red wine with flavors of plum and warm spice.
  8. Slightly Sweet  – Made from cold hardy La Crescent grapes, this semi dry white wine has often been compared to a Gewurztraminer.


Stop by our Tasting Room and find your favorite!


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